Monday, January 9, 2017


                                               LASER LADY MEETS THE LIGHT JUNKIES
                                                       From the Diaries of Linda Lane
                                                                      Linda Lane


      There's an old saying that goes: keep a diary when you're young and it will keep you when    you're old. I guess I must have heard that and taken it to heart because I have a large box of daily diaries dating back to high school in Los Angeles.
      If one tries to distill year upon year, book upon book, line upon line into a memoir it becomes a daunting task. Oh, it can be done, but I thought, what if I start a daily blog? That way I would have to commit to a writing schedule, and just maybe, after a few months I might be motivated to turn it into a book.
      I can pinpoint the moment my life changed and my eyes were opened to infinite possibilities. The year was 1972 and a new club called the Paradise Ballroom was under construction in West Hollywood. I was one of the people hired to create an original children's theater. On my first day I was instructed to come upstairs to the designer's lair to see Something amazing! Life changing!
      Charlie Patton, my enthusiastic new friend handed me a six-inch cylinder and told me to hold it up to the light. There, floating in the center was a tiny canon. It was a hologram - a three-dimensional laser image. Seeing an object that appeared to be real but was only an illusion gave me an idea for a screenplay, and two weeks later I got the money to write it.
      Holography or laser photography became my passion. I needed a genius or a group of physicists to create a larger-than-life-sized image that would come off a movie screen for up to 30 seconds. My time was divided between writing the original screenplay and finding the people who could accomplish this very special effect. It was not long before I had an Oscar winning producer option the rights. I was on my way!
      The journey you are about to take with me is guaranteed to send you on an exuberant roller coaster ride. The ups are high, the lows, hellish. Buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy ride!


  1. Certainly makes one want to read on. So write on Laser Lady. Ur Proton

  2. Linda, I am soooo glad you are finally doing this! What a brilliant idea to get yourself organized and producing by writing a blog about it.

  3. Good luck with the blog! Looks like you are off to a great start!
    (I, too, write memoir.)
    Hugs from Ecuador,